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10 exiting Digital-Health Startups from all around Europe

The growth in digital health startups.

With the Covid19 pandemic, 2020 has been one of the best years for health innovation funding. According to Startup Health's latest report, digital health startups broke a new investment record last year, with a global total of $21.5 billion, up more than 50 percent from 2019.

Tele-medicine was ubiquitous, and unsurprisingly the e-health segment attracted the most investment. The global amount of fundraising in tele-medicine has tripled between 2019 and 2020 to more than $3 billion today.

That is why today we are taking a closer look at these digital health startups.

Discover below some of our most favorite European #healthtech Startups.


Founded in 2019, in France, by Dr. Jean-Claude Lapraz and Dr. Kamyar Hedayat, NumaHealth was created to identify and treat stress-related problems. To do so, the startup raised €1.3 million in Series A from Business Angels and accelerates the deployment of its digital solutions for health and well-being with ‘HEALTH PILOT’ app. Developed for professionals (B2B) and for individuals (B2C), you can understand how your body works and treat the problem at the source thanks to this app. Hormonal, immune, lifestyle, find the 27 indicators that will allow you to analyze how stress affects your health. Indeed, the innovative health application based on the scientific theory of Endobiogeny allows to restore a personalized and predictive topography of the health terrain of each individual. But also to deliver adapted advice, associated with phytotherapy recommendations. As for solutions, NumaHealth only offers natural solutions: breathing, physical activity, diet, etc.


Tele-expertise could be one of the answers to the shortage of doctors, especially specialists. That is why, last July, in France, neurosurgeon Dr. Steven Kanfo launched the ShareConfrère tele-expertise platform, which is nothing more than the adaptation of a first platform multidisciplinary meetings, intended to answer a growing demand for various opinions. This platform aims to simplify the relationship between patients and doctors. The idea today is to offer a wider panel to help practitioners in tele-expertise and especially to improve the patient's health pathway so that he is taken care of by the right doctor at the right time. With already more than 6250 patients shared by more than 3500 doctors, the platform aims to revolutionize medical expertise.

Don't wait any longer to go digital with ShareConfrère.


Sensae, founded by Olivier de Simone, is a Danish mental wellness company offering personalised tactile stimulation to automatically monitor and manage both stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety are a major problem in our society. Today, one person in five suffers from anxiety or stress in the West. Sensae was created to combat these ailments. To do so, the founder wanted to develop a technology that automatically restores our balance by monitoring stress and applying personalized haptic biofeedback to help our instinctive physiological responses to stress align with our wellness goals.

It goal is to build a stress monitoring ecosystem by providing preventative, consumer-driven mental wellness experiences to help transform and improve the lives of millions of people who struggle with stress and anxiety.The company intends to have an impact and contribute to the well-being and mental performance of everyone.


Brussels-based startup Helpilepsy is a digital platform capable of recording seizures and thus providing neurologists with a better view of the problem. The long-term goal of Helpilepsy is to be able to predict epileptic seizures thanks to the recorded data and information on the patient's lifestyle. To do so, the company has developed a mobile application for epilepsy patients. The Helpilepsy assistant brings autonomy and a better quality of life. Through the application, you can keep track of seizures, side effects and receive reminders to take your treatment. Learn how to manage your seizures with helpilepsy, an innovative app that hopes to make a big impact to help as many people in the world as possible.

Already 5 neurologists are suggesting Helpilepsy to their patients. What are you waiting for? Learn how to manage your seizures with helpilepsy, an innovative app that hopes to make a big impact to help as many people in the world as possible.


Founded by Julie, François and Benoît, in 2017, Yuka was created to allow consumers to take back control over their purchases and their health, by letting them discover what their products really contain. Indeed, thanks to a scanner system, users get a total transparency when it comes to what their products contain.

Yuka is now 16 million users, and more than 5 million products are scanned every day, that is to say that one product is scanned every 57 seconds. Incredible isn't it ? According to a recent study conducted by Yuka, out of 230 000 users, 94% stopped buying certain products, 83% are buying better quality products and 90% of users are convinced that Yuka can push brands to create better quality products.

And if the standard version isn't enough for you, the app also has a premium version as well as an online nutrition program that teaches the basics of healthy eating in 10 weeks.

If you want to stay in control of what you eat, don't wait any longer and use Yuka. Thanks to this application, no product will have any secrets for you.


Hydrillo is a mobile app that allows you to track the amount of water you drink every day. Indeed, we don't always think about hydrating ourselves even though it is a primary need for humans.

To do so, Hydrillo develops a reminder to not forget to drink water. Focused on B2C, this application has 4 main actions: reliable drink reminder, personal water need calculator, compare hydration with friends & family and meaningful statistics to analyze your drinking habits. Don't wait any longer to know everything about your hydration and download Hydrillo .


Appointments to the dermatologist are becoming increasingly rare. On average, it takes at least one month to get an appointment. Ole Martin and Patrick Lang have therefore decided to create "Dermanostic".

The principle is simple. Once you have downloaded the application on your smartphone, you are asked to take a picture of the skin area that causes you problems. Then you have to answer a few questions. Where is the skin change located? How long have you noticed it? Does it itch or hurt? General patient information. As of October 2019, approximately 1,600 patients have been already diagnosed. Don't wait several months to get an appointment with a dermatologist and go digital!


MediQuo, Spain’s medical chat application, breaks into the market to revolutionize the healthtech sector with a financing round of €3 million.

Indeed, founded by the doctor and mathematician Guillem Serra, MediQuo is a teleconsultation service via video calls, calls or chats. It allows you to chat with doctors and specialists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The online doctors are committed to respond immediately, so you can get a follow-up online at any time. It is also possible to attach medical files and/or photos via the online chat. Everything is done to facilitate medical consultation, which is all the more useful in times of pandemic.


Snaq is an application that reveals the impact of food on our health. You wonder how it works? The principle is simple. You can simply take a picture of your food and you will get what it contains and its nutritional values. How does it work? Through reliable detection and recognition of many foods in everyday scenarios. This provides unique selection options for determining the nutritional values of various foods.

But that is not all, SNAQ not only recognizes foods but also estimates portion sizes. The application records the data of each individual. Thus, foods can be sorted according to the habits of each person. Users therefore all receive personalized advice.

With Snaq, food can no longer hide anything from you. You too can become a nutrition expert.


Founded by Margryt Fennema and Louis Zantema, Reducept provides a accessible and affordable home use brain training method for people with chronic pain, using medical psychological knowledge and innovative technology. Indeed, as a psychologist at MCL, Louis Zantema has been working with chronically ill patients for years and years.

The usual remedy for chronic pain is opiates. However, the success of its drugs is increasingly being questioned around the world. Reducept was therefore created to meet the needs of each patient in a personalized manner.

To do so, Reducept provides VR experiences and digital solutions to evidence-based health problems. Reducept can be used as an e-health solution for physical therapy, rehabilitation and psychology in pain treatment centers but also at home.

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